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      by Y. Ding, B. Steenhoek, K. Pei, G. Kaiser, W. Le, B. Ray.




  • CONCORD: Clone-aware Contrastive Learning for Source Code.

      by Y. Ding, S. Chakraborty, L. Buratti, S. Pujar, A. Morari, G. Kaiser, B. Ray.




  • IvySyn: Automated Vulnerability Discovery for Deep Learning

      by Frameworks. N. Christou, D. Jin, V. Atlidakis, B. Ray, V. P. Kemerlis.

      Usenix Security

  • Multi-lingual Evaluation of Code Generation Models. by B. Athiwaratkun, S. Gouda, Z. Wang, X. Li , Y. Tian, M. Tan, W. Ahmad, S. Wang, Q. Sun, M. Shang, S. Gonugondla, H. Ding, V. Kumar, N. Fulton, A. Farahani, S. Jain, R. Giaquinto, H. Qian, M. Ramanathan, R. Nallapati, B. Ray, P. Bhatia, S. Sengupta, D. Roth, B. Xiang.

      ICLR Spotlight.


  • Guided Conditional Diffusion for Controllable Traffic Simulation.

      by Z. Zhong, D. Rempe, D. Xu, Y. Chen, S. Veer, T. Che, B. Ray, M. Pavone. 



  • ReCode: Robustness Evaluation of Code Generation Models.

      by S. Wang, Z. Li, H. Qian, C. Yang, Z. Wang, M. Shang, V. Kumar, S. Tan, B. Ray, P. Bhatia, R. Nallapati, M. K. Ramanathan, D. Roth, B.          Xiang.


  •  ContraCLM: Contrastive Learning For Causal Language Model.

       by N. Jain, D. Zhang, W. U. Ahmad, Z. Wang, F. Nan, X. Li, M. Tan, R. Nallapati, B. Ray, P. Bhatia, X. Ma, B. Xiang.



  • NeuDep: Neural Binary Memory Dependence Analysis

       by Kexin Pei, Dongdong She, Michael Wang, Scott Geng, Zhou Xuan, Yaniv David, Junfeng Yang, Suman Jana, Baishakhi Ray


       by Saikat Chakraborty, Toufique Ahmed, Yangruibo Ding, Premkumar Devanbu, Baishakhi Ray


       by Ziyuan Zhong, Zhisheng Hu, Shengjian Guo, Xinyang Zhang, Zhenyu Zhong, Baishakhi Ray


       by Vikram Nitin, Shubhi Asthana, Baishakhi Ray, Rahul Krishna

       ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award.


       by Ziyuan Zhong, Gail Kaiser, Baishakhi Ray


       by Yangruibo DingLuca BurattiSaurabh PujarAlessandro MorariBaishakhi RaySaikat Chakraborty


       by Shahriar Iqbal, Rahul Krishna, M.A. Javidian, Baishakhi Ray, Pooyan Jamshidi​


       by Yangruibo DingSahil SunejaYunhui ZhengJim LaredoAlessandro MorariGail KaiserBaishakhi Ray 

       SANER [slide] [code]

       by Daye Nam, Baishakhi Ray, Seohyun Kim, Xianshan Qu, Satish Chandra 



  • On Multi-Modal Learning of Editing Source Code.                                                                                                                                by Saikat Chakraborty, Baishakhi Ray. ASE [slide] [code]

  • StateFormer: Fine-Grained Type Recovery from Binaries using Generative State Modeling.                                                               by Kexin Pei, Jonas Guan, Matthew Broughton, Zhongtian Chen, Songchen Yao, David Williams-King, Vikas Ummadisetty, Junfeng Yang, Baishakhi Ray, Suman Jana. FSE.  [code]

  • Retrieval Augmented Code Generation and Summarization                                                                                                            by M. Rizwan Parvez, Wasi Ahmad, Saikat Chakraborty, Baishakhi Ray, & Kai-Wei Chang (2021).                                        EMNLP-findings. [code]

  • DIRECT: A transformer-based Model for Decompiled Identifier Renaming.                                                                                       by Vikram Nitin, Anthony Saieva, Baishakhi Ray, Gail Kaiser. NLP4Prog 2021.                                                                     


      by Dongdong She, Rahul Krishna, Lu Yan, Suman Jana, Baishakhi Ray. FSE 2020​.

  • Patching as Translation: the Data and the Metaphor. 

      by Yangruibo Ding, Baishakhi Ray, Premkumar Devanbu, Vincent J. Hellendoorn. ASE 2020.​

      by Chengzhi Mao, Amogh Gupta, Vikram Nitin, Baishakhi Ray, Shuran Song, Junfeng Yang, Carl Vondrick​

      ECCV 2020. 

      by Saikat Chakraborty, Yangruibo Ding, Miltiadis Allamanis, Baishakhi Ray​

      TSE, ICSE'21 journal first

      by Rahul Krishna, Chong Tang, Kevin Sullivan, Baishakhi Ray.​

      TSE, ICSE'21 journal first


      by Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Saikat Chakraborty, Baishakhi Ray, Kai-Wei Chang. ACL 2020.​







      ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award.

      ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award.




  • Assert Use in GitHub Projects, 11 pages, acceptance rate: 18.5%
    by Casey Casalnuovo, Prem Devanbu, Abilio Oliveira, Vladimir Filkov, Baishakhi Ray.
    ICSE 2015  
    A revised version of the paper is available here.




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