COMS 4115: Policy & FAQ


Homeworks will contain a mix of programming and writing assignments.

The programming segment can be done in any high-level programming language. You are expected to have good working knowledge of the programming language you choose, and will receive very little 'debugging' help from the staff. You may use supporting math/scientific libraries for auxiliary tasks (such as matrix multiplication, matrix inversion, etc.), however you must write code for the core algorithms yourself.


Please include your name and UNI on the first page of the written assignment and at the top level comment of your programming assignment.

The written segment of the homework (including plots and comparative experimental studies) must be submitted via Gradescope, and (if the homeworks specifies) the a tarball of the programming files should be handed to the TA by the specified due dates. No late homeworks will be accepted.

Columbia University

New York City, NY 10027, USA